Pastoral Care

kiamasquare49In 2008 Ss Peter and Paul School Community conducted a forum based upon, “What do we value about our school?” Parents and staff were surveyed, whilst students gathered in small groups with Year Six Leaders and recorded what they felt was important about their learning and their school.

From this the Rights and Responsibilities School Review and Improvement Team developed the School Code of Conduct that is currently in use at the school.

The Gospel’s values and teachings of Christ are at the centre of the Catholic School community; where each child is encouraged to see themselves as a unique creation of God; develop a relationship with God and experience this spirituality as a guiding force for now and the future. As people of hope, students in a Catholic school have a faith-filled power to respond to challenge.

The 5 Codes of Conduct provide a clear framework that supports this challenge. Furthermore a social support structure is in place underpinned by the Personal Development strand of the PD/H/PE syllabus to ensure 

  • that respect and understanding govern our relationships between student and staff, student and student, staff and parent, staff member and teacher.
  • that children feel that we care about them and that they are valuable members of our school family.
  • that we are consistent in our pastoral care of each child aiming to empower children to attain a sense of self-discipline and a confidence to communicate their feelings constructively and develop strategies to resolve conflict in a peaceful and respectful way.